Modern Leaf Branches - Spring Free SVG

To download this .svg file for free simply Click here to get this Leaf Branches free svg file.

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Happy crafting!


Cupcake free svg set - Yummy Free SVG cut file

I LOVE cupcakes. You can cut this in the three colors at one time by cutting your paper down and placing it on your mat. That's how I do it to save paper. :) I'm frugal, what can I say... ;)

I hope you enjoy this fun paper piecing cupcake .svg file!
Download it here.


Valentine Free SVG Download ~love~

I love words inside shapes.
Just had to share this little love heart download. :)

Happy Crafting!


Valentine's Scallop Heart Free SVGs

I went ahead and made this scalloped heart and some hearts to go inside it. Hope you enjoy it! Punch a few holes and you have a DIY lollipop Valentine! :)

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Click here to download this free .svg file.